Evening Janitorial

Not long ago my wife and I took a trip to a foreign country. During that trip we found ourselves on an excursion with people from all over the world. It was fascinating to listen to all the different languages being spoken in all the little groups that surrounded us. It was a clear reminder that we were a long way from home. As I listened closely, I heard a familiar sound of English being spoken. We didn’t know the individuals who were speaking English at all, but because the language they spoke was familiar, we found ourselves creating an opportunity to meet them.


A workplace is kind of like that excursion. There are lots of conversations taking place. If you listen carefully, you can hear gossip, complaining, and all kinds of unproductive noise. At Cloute Inc. we speak a different language. If you listen carefully, you can hear the language of company values, vision, and accountability. To us, these are the sounds of productivity and growth. If you are a person that speaks that language, and because of what you hear around you, are feeling like you’re a long way from home, maybe it’s time for a new conversation. We have open positions on our janitorial team and we’d love to have the opportunity to talk with you.  


Success in this position looks like this:

  • Self starter who is comfortable with accountability
  • Hard worker with an eye for detail
  • Comfortable working independently or on a team
  • Comfortable working in a building at night
  • Passionate about a job well done

Day Time Cleaning

A psychologist at a well-known university advised a large insurance company to hire a special group of job applicants who tested high on optimism. Although they had failed the company’s standard aptitude test,  the company took the risk and hired the group anyway. Sales were tracked over time and the “high optimism” group, compared with salesmen who passed the aptitude test but scored high in pessimism, made 21 percent more sales in their first year and 57 percent more in their second. 

What does that teach us? Optimistic people, in general, are more likely to get creative about solutions, persevere in the face of challenges, see the positive in every situation and find a way to gain a benefit regardless of the situation. 

At Cloute Inc. we place a high value on optimism. We are adding an optimistic leader who can also serve as our carpet and hard surface cleaner to our already strong team of leaders. Are you part of the “high optimism” group and looking to join a team of growing individuals in a growing company?

Success in this position looks like:

  • Ambitious & professional, with an eye for detail
  • Passionate about serving people and a job well done
  • Courageous enough to honor your commitments
  • Eager to learn or continue learning the professional house cleaning business
  • Willing to work  (20-30 hours/week)

If you are intrigued, we want to talk with you.

“Opportunity is never lost … it simply moves on to someone else if you don’t seize it!”

  • Kim Garst